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You can now access shortcut commands, visible at the bottom of the screen, a new character, Momoka, appears in the game's lobby area and offers up new quests, and there is a new "Team System," where you hook up with team members and even communicate with one another from across different ships. Sonic Team also worked on improving the graphics and control.

The biggest change though is a good means of keeping people from cheating. Character data is now stored on the game servers far out of reach from those who would modify their characters to give them an advantage in battle.

Phantasy Star Universe USB Wireless Keyboard

It's not the most popular MMORPG out there, but it will give you lots of fun, in either the official server or the private one! About Ratings Rating Breakdown. Download Free. Install Now. Manual Install. Learn More.

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The one thing you will need first is the VM software that's going to be emulating Windows. Usually something like "Virtual Box x. Now that you have Virtual Box installed, you will now need to create the virtual environment to install and run Windows. Next, you will need to name the OS and what type it's going to be. For this demonstration, i will be using a Windows 7 ISO.

PSO probably won't use more than 1GB but it's best to play it safe. But of course, the amount of RAM you allocate to it can always be changed afterwards. Make sure VDI is selected as type of disk and "Dynamically allocated" is selected as well. Then "Continue". Next, we are going to give the hard disk a size.

Which is fine, but i would increase that to at least 50GB to have some spare storage available.

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Even though this is a virtual environment, it's still using your physical machine's resources. It will be powered off. Remember, your VM is now a computer within a computer and it can be treated as such. Okay, we have complete on creating the VM on virtual Box. Now, we will be installing Windows on it.

We just created the type of VM it's going to be so Virtual Box know's what to look for. You will probably see a warning that "Auto capture keyboard" is turned on. It is important to note that on this screen, the host key, which is set your Left Command Key. Use it to "release" the mouse and keyboard from the VM to switch back to your Mac.

Phantasy Star Online: All Blue and Blue - Episode 15 - Dial M for Mac

Now, since you haven't yet installed Windows, you will be taken to the "First Run Wizard" it will help you in installing Windows. Click "Continue" to get started.

Make sure that you have your Windows 7 ISO mounted on your host machine. VirtualBox will ask you where the installation media ISO is located, just simply navigate to the mounted image and select "Open". Once that is successful. You will be presented with a Summary screen with everything we did.

Verify that everything is all nice and gravy, and click "Start". When done, it will start for the first time and you will be presented with the Windows 7 Installation. Just follow the prompts and you will now have a working VM of Windows 7. But of course, this all depends on how strong your machine is.

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I hope this helped you guys running Macs so that you can play BB with everyone else. I did all steps and install pso , but it crashed when i press start. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!